Serving our Chicago Firemen at Berman CDJR

Tom Carbonneau, a distinguished retired fireman with a passion for serving his community. Now, Tom extends his commitment to fellow firefighters in the Chicago area, offering the opportunity for firemen to shop for their new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram vehicles. With years of experience safeguarding lives and property, Tom understands the importance of reliability, performance, and safety on the road. At Berman CDJR, firemen can expect nothing less than exceptional service and a wide selection of quality vehicles to meet their needs. Whether it’s a rugged Ram truck for on-duty demands or a versatile Jeep for weekend adventures, Tom is dedicated to assisting his fellow firemen in finding their perfect vehicle. Trust Tom Carbonneau and Berman CDJR to deliver the reliability and support that firemen deserve as they continue their honorable service to the community.